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It all started with our popular Facebook page,, where we read articles, discuss them, and share our opinions for our community of followers. Our parents wanted us to learn about politics at an early age so that we would be informed citizens who could ask the right questions and make decisions that would be best for our community.

One day after the Republican and Democratic Conventions were over, our parents tasked us with coming up with our own platform of ideas that we were passionate about.  The top three areas we selected were Inequality, Climate Change, and World Hunger.

After completing this assignment, we discussed how we could make an impact in these areas.  We immediately recognized that we would have more of an impact by getting more people involved to help us meet this challenge.  The idea for Chew On This Gum came to us one day when Lanie, who absolutely loves chewing gum (she can chew up a pack in a day before anybody knows it is all gone) said, “we need more gum”. 

Our parents suggested that if we gave away just a fraction of the money we spend on gum we could really help somebody in need.  And at that moment, the idea behind Chew On This Gum was born! 

Here’s How It Works

  • Select the Issue You Want to “Chew On” (Inequality, World Hunger, Climate Change)
  • Purchase Just One 4-pack or subscribe to have Chew On This Gum delivered to you monthly for just $15.
  • With every purchase, we donate 20% to a partner charity doing great work in the area of focus you choose to support.
  • Is there any easier way for you to make a difference? We didn’t think so! We thank you all for supporting our endeavor. We can’t wait to see the results and the impact we can all have!